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Home Tutor in Bhubaneswar

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Home Tutor in Bhubaneswar
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Home tutor in Bhubaneswar: Unleash your child's potential with personalized guidance and support.

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Home Tutor in Bhubaneswar

Home Tutor for LKG,UKG

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₹ 2599.00*

Home Tutor in Bhubaneswar

Home Tutor for STD 1 - 5

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₹ 2699.00*

Home tutor in Bhubaneswar

Home Tutor for STD 6 - 8

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₹ 3499.00*

Home Tutor for STD 9 - 10

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₹ 3899.00*

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Dance classes

Dance Class

Unlock your child's rhythm and grace with personalized dance classes. Experience the joy of dance through tailored home tuition, nurturing talent and building confidence one step at a time.

Dance Class with Studit

Music classes

Music Class

Foster your child's musical abilities with customized home tuition. Our personalized music classes will help them develop their skills, build confidence, and cultivate a deep love for music.

Music Class with Studit

Drawing classes

Drawing Class

Home tutor in Bhubaneswar: Unleash your child's creativity with personalized drawing classes. Through tailored home tuition, we'll nurture their artistic talents, build their confidence, and inspire a lifelong love for art.

Drawing Class with Studit

Craft classes

Craft Class

Spark your child's creativity with personalized craft classes. Through tailored home tuition, we'll help them develop their artistic skills, enhance their imagination, and enjoy the joy of creating unique crafts.

Craft Class with Studit

Extracurricular Activities -

Home Tutors In Bhubaneswar

Enhance your child’s skills and interests with customized home tuition in a variety of extracurricular activities. Whether it’s dance, music, Drawing, Crafts, our dedicated tutors provide personalized guidance to help your child excel and grow with confidence.

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April 2022First Product Launch
April 2022First Product Launch

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"We're delighted to hear positive feedback from a team member since 2020. Studit offers great opportunities without issues and aims to expand beyond Odisha. Thank you!"

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"Studit has been a game-changer for my child's education. Their personalized approach to learning, experienced home tutor, and engaging extracurricular activities have made a noticeable difference in my child's academic performance and overall confidence. I highly recommend Studit to any parent looking for a comprehensive and effective education solution."

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"Personalized home tutoring is the future as it offers superior attention. We appreciate the feedback and remain committed to exceptional service."

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"Studit Edu is the best thing that happened to my child's education. The personalized attention and guidance from the teachers have helped my child improve significantly in their academics. The app is user-friendly and the customer support team is always ready to assist. Highly recommended!"

Parent Say's

"Studit has been an incredible platform for me as an educator. The personalized approach to teaching and the support from the team has helped me deliver quality education to my students. The platform is easy to use and has made teaching a lot more engaging for both me and my students. Highly recommended!"

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